Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacWorld, and Mr. Jobs' "failure"

A very brief note for today.  Seeing the responses to Mr. Jobs' keynote, in which viewers are disappointed that they were not "wowed" more, I can't help thinking that the word "spoiled" has unfairly fallen into disuse.  The resurgence of Apple is an accomplishment of almost mythical proportions in modern times, and any judging must be done on its average performance, not its instantaneous.  If this trend of "he wowed us last year, but didn't wow us as much this year so I'm disappointed" continues, I will expect to see this continue into increasingly fractalized microclimates: "but then he wowed me from 1:18 until 1:22 when he hit a lull and then I was really disappointed, but then at 1.24 he seemed to turn into a tailwind and wowed me again for seven minutes until..."

At some point, this kind of evaluation ceases to serve and commences to strut, hollow-eyed and pointless.  We read for understanding and perspective.  Please give us that.  

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