Friday, November 9, 2007

AC Adapter: PowerBook vs. MacBook Pro

Update, January 15 2008:  I've heard about problems with the Magsafe connectors.  Just to let you know, I haven't had a tick of trouble.  Zero heating, zero fraying, nothing that would be a leading indicator of trouble to come.  I take care to grasp the body of the connector, of course (no yanking on the wire), but it seems pretty durable.  


Three adapters have arrived.  

Stated capacity:  85W, up from 65W
Appearance:  Identical
Size:  The new ones are about 10% taller and wider, maybe 5% thicker.  In other words, barely larger.
Weight:  Not perceptibly heavier.

This gives four adapters, the normal portion.  
>  1 for backpack
>  1 for work desk
>  1 for home, downstairs
>  1 for home, upstairs.

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