Thursday, January 31, 2008

Entourage Not Connecting via VPN: A hint

There are other sources on the web regarding this problem: Entourage 2004 shows  "(Not Connected)" next to the account name, but gives no clue as to why.  This occurs even when the VPN connection exists and is solid, and occurs without warning on an otherwise functional computer.  Most recently, I closed the laptop at one location and opened it at another, re-entering VPN.  Restarting the machine didn't fix it, nor did any of the online advice.

I wandered over to the IP guys, and one of those tolerant gentlepersons suggested that I try using the numeric URL for the Outlook server, rather than its name.   This eliminates the step of going to the DNS. 

Tried that, and it works great.  Thanks, guys!  

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