Friday, November 9, 2007

Batteries: PowerBook vs. MacBook Pro

Two new batteries for the yet-to-arrive MacBook Pro are on my desk.  They are flatter and wider than the PowerBook batteries, so they must be using something other than the classic 18650 Li-ion cells.  Maybe Li-polymer?  Similar brushed-Al look, and the same wonderful power meter (push the flat button and one to five green LED's on the battery face light for four seconds, depending on state of charge).

Labeled Capacity:  Now 60WH, up from 40WH
Weight:  Now 0.95 pound, up from 0.70 pound (postage scale, .05 lb resolution)
Voltage:  Still 10.8V

This gives three packs total, which is my normal traveling complement to accommodate long plane flights with no power jack (the situation encountered more often than not).

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