Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm Jeff, an engineer at a company that discourages multiple platforms on its corporate network.  While there are good reasons for this kind of policy, the purpose of this blog is to give some coverage to the advantages of having alternate platforms as well, and to look at issues (some problems, some problems and solutions) that I've encountered through the three-year journey to becoming one of very few Mac users (a happy one, incidentally) on an overwhelmingly Windows-based network.

Legal disclaimer:  You already know what I'm going to say.  The contents of this blog are entirely my own creation, except where they come from elsewhere, in which case they're either attributed, quoted, referenced, accidentally non-attributed, or subconsciously linked without clear volition on my part.   The company with whom I am associated has no, zip, zero, responsibility for any missteps, slurs, accidentals, lies or damned lies that may exist within the boundaries of this blog.  I will try to have none of the above except in the context of a musical or statistical discussion, but I am also not responsible for any results that may come from you taking my words seriously.  All the normal "hey, I'm not responsible for anything" words that you'll find in common disclaimers apply here too.  Any really weaselly words you have heard drooling out of a lawyer that have allowed someone to avoid more responsibility also apply here, as I have a particular fondness for well-crafted weaselly words.  

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